If you’re a photographer, you probably and mostly aimed to take beautiful photograph effortlessly. However, it is not easy when you don’t know the trick. Photographer Malaysia today were practically born with the effort from taking photos using smartphones. With the advanced technologies there is today, it is not weird too. Taking photos using smartphones usually is much more easier and convenient considering the auto setting and auto focus feature it has. But, with easy tricks using DSLR also, you can achieve some less effort beautiful photo too.

1. The rule of third. This is the master cheat to beautiful photo according to some professional photographer Malaysia. Rule of third usually incorporate the usage of the grid. For all photo, it is best to leave greater white space above the subject if it involves the sky.

2. The tripod. Tripod is definitely a good assistant in helping you taking photo more beautifully as it helps you achieve the most stable photo you want especially if you photographing photo for a long duration.

3. The simple background. Background plays a big role in enhancing the subject and the more simple the background usually the better the subject stands out. Simple background usually is the best when it is plain compared to messy one with wallpaper and patterns that might divert the attention from the subject.

4. The eyes. When taking portrait, it is very crucial for you to actually focus on the eyes and target right into the eye of the model. This will ensure that the lens capture the model face features better and more sharply than if you focus on some other parts of the body or the face.

To be a photographer who produce mesmerizing and stunning photos, it is very important to pour some effort if not much at least a bit by Photographer Malaysia knowing that tricks that actually works for you and your subject. Following these four tricks, you will surely produce better photo than you do before.

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